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Fox Company co-operation is one of the main leaders in the industry of energy production in Iraq, General Trading, Supplying and transpositions of petroleum and bitumen products. With the excellent reputation for both domestic and international trading puts Fox Company firms as one of the most reliable private companies in Kurdistan region’s market.

Fox company registered on 29th July 2009 as General Trading Transportation and Supplying Petroleum Product Ltd. a private company with the initial capital of 510,000 USD.

Fox company is a general trading, supplying & transferring petroleum company established in 2009 in the energy sector; the headquarter is located in Slemani city. Our company has independent supply and transferring rights. Through our constant efforts, we have a complete and methodical quality management system. Our company is a professional company with many branches in (Erbil, Kirkuk, Duhok and in Dubai). Since the establishment of our sister companies, we have implemented and lead the way and set a high standard in the energy sector for transportation and supply.

The main mission for our firms to establish itself as a major force in the energy industry; with the fast-growing economy in Kurdistan region is our main priority to develop the firm as well as to contribute to any activity related to Kurdistan region economy. With the well-organized plan by Kurdish region ministry of natural resource, the goal and target of our company can be accomplished in the best way possible to benefits the local community. Fox company so far holding high reputation within our industry, also we are capable of taking on any projects related to oil refinery productions. One of the main strength our firms hold the finance muscle within the industry of energy which helps to take any large project in which needs large capital.

Gross sales value in the past several years:

  • 2010-2013      130 million USD
  • 2014                55 million USD
  • 2015                30 million USD


Licenses Obtained:

Fox Company has been awarded a license by the Kurdistan Regional Government to establish a Naphtha Reforming Plant in Slemani city in Iraq.


Project Information and Capacity:

The license has been obtained from the KRG government  for  complete Naphtha Reforming Units including all constituent sub-units, form the unites that are incorporated are: NHT UNIT with capacity of 7,000 BPD and REFORMING UNIT with capacity of 3,500BPD.

The project is currently under design implementation and procurement plans have been put together to purchase and embark on the project in 2019.

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